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Chinese factory OEM/ODM home energy storage power station power module

Short Description:

A new photovoltaic energy storage system based on LiFePO4 battery, integrated battery management system (BMS) and inverter system is widely used in household photovoltaic energy storage, emergency disaster relief power supply, backup power supply of data room, etc.

Product Detail

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LiFePO4 cells, More Safer

Used Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells, and the puncture test is not burning, Extrusion deformation without explosion, working temperature - 10 ~ 40℃

Lifecycle ≥ 4000 times Longer Service Life

Through the laboratory battery cycle life test, More than 4000 charges and discharges, The capacity of the cell can keep above 80% of original rated

Cascadable: Max. 6 Unit

High Safety: LiFePO4 Battery

Modular Desigh: Easy to Install & Maintenance

Long Lifespan: Lifecycle 6000+ Times

System Application

Charging the system through solar panels or staggered peak power consumption, which can be used in case of power failure or peak power consumption. It is an economic and environmental protection power supply system for families or commercial places.

Bidirectional Inverter Technology High Power Charge and Discharge

Support up to 5000W solar energy and daily grid charging

Support up to 10kW AC output

Support Multiple Modules Series Connection Up to 24 kWh

A single battery module is 4KWh, which supports multi-level parallel connection, and the battery module can be selected as needed. The maximum number of battery modules in a single cabinet is 6 groups, with a total of 24kWh

LiFePO4 Battery Smart "BMS" Multi Protection Design

The battery module adopts single 40Ah LiFePO4 battery without explosion and fire

Advanced intelligent BMS provides multiple battery protection such as over temperature, over voltage, over current and overcharge

Home Application Scenario

Usually, the cost of electricity can be reduced through this clean energy system, In case of power failure or emergency, Independent and controllable renewable power supply


Chinese factory OEMODM home energy storage power station power module2


Q1:What are the packaging looking like?
A1: We are having a nicely-designed color box packaging. You may have the die cut to design your own. Inside the color box, there are two protective foam up and down to protect the power station. Please contact our sales team to send you the box design photos and files.
Q2: What is difference between modified Sine wave and pure Sine wave?
A2: Modified sine wave inverters are very affordable, using more basic forms of technology than pure sine wave inverters. Modified sine wave current produces power that is perfectly adequate for powering simple electronics, like your laptop. Modified inverters are best suited for resistive loads which do not have a startup surge.Pure sine wave inverters use more sophisticated technology to protect even the most sensitive electronic appliances. As a result, pure sine wave inverters produce power which equals – or is better than – the power in your home. Appliances may not function properly or may be permanently damaged without the pure, smooth power of a pure sine wave inverter.
Q3: What is the product ordering process?
A3: 1. Please let us know the model, quantity and payment method you prefer.2. We will return Proforma with all details, terms and conditions.

3. Confirm payment of deposit or open L/C to us.

4. Production and delivery following your schedule

Q4: How is your technical support?
A4: We provide lifetime online support through Whatsapp/ Skype/ Wechat/ Email. Any problem after delivery, we will offer you video call anytime,our engineer will also go to oversea help our customers if necessary.


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